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  • Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    Programmer. Writer (Pragmatic Programmer, Programming Ruby, Agile Web Development w/ Rails, Programming Elixir). Manifesto for Agile S/W Development. Speaker

  • Tim Burks

    Tim Burks

    Software developer in the SF Bay area. Electronic Design Automation, iOS apps, and now API tools for the world’s largest computer.

  • Yonatan Zunger

    Yonatan Zunger

    Either political analysis of authoritarian regimes, or interesting facts about science, depending on my mood.

  • Albert J. Wong

    Albert J. Wong

    Foo Bar Baz Qux Quux Corge Grault Garply Waldo Fred Plugh Xyzzy Thud

  • Alex Gawley

    Alex Gawley

    just a guy. twittering.

  • Chris Silverberg

    Chris Silverberg

    Crafter of iOS & Mac software.

  • Alastair Tse

    Alastair Tse

    Software, Design, Data, Architecture, Photography, Food.

  • Michele Aiello

    Michele Aiello

    I’m a dreamer trying to catch a break from reality. When I’m awake I develop software mostly on iOS @ Google.

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